Silence On All Fronts Regarding: The TRC Report

Silence On All Fronts Regarding The TRC Report
Civil Society, Religious Community, Opposition Parties, Presidential Candidates, And The Press

A Special Press Release
Liberia Human Rights Campaign
March 9, 2017

Liberia’s president, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, in a proclamation, declared March 8, 2017 a national holiday in observance of the annual Decoration Day. It is a day set aside to allow Liberians to pay respect to their lost love ones by gathering at their graves to decorate and give their love ones’ graves facelifts. Since the Liberian war that killed several thousands of innocent Liberians, Decoration Day in Liberia may afford those Liberians who can identify the grave sites of their loved ones to pay them respect. However, there are thousands, if not, millions of other Liberians who will never have such opportunity to go to the grave sites of their love ones and pay their respect each year.

These are the living relatives of those that were murdered by the various warring factions during the senseless war whose purpose is yet to be established, and their bodies were dumped in mass and un-identified graves. It includes those who were massacred in the Lutheran Church, the UN Compound, the Carter refugee camp, Sinje refugee camp and other massed killings. Not forgetting those who met their untimely death due other cruelties inflicted upon them by bunch of criminal gangs posing as people who came to liberate the Liberian people. During Decoration Day, even former warlords, rebel commanders, and rebels, along with those who benefited from their wickedness and acquired political powers and ill-gotten wealth, would stream towards the gravesites of the loved ones to pay them respect, but not those whose relatives’ lives they mercilessly took.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph Boakai will be leaving behind a wicked legacy, their failure to look in the eyes of the survivors of the Liberian war victims and say “non mah yah,” but instead, used their government to provide sealed protection for some of those who perpetrated these criminal acts, while leaving living Liberian war victims and survivors of those murdered during the war to fan for themselves. To add insults to injuries is the silence of Liberia civil society leaders, leaders of the Liberian religious community, political opposition leaders, and what is deeply saddened is the silence of the Liberian press, its inability or refusal to raise the issue of reconciliation, especially, during the 2017 Liberian general and presidential campaign season, through their editorials, commentaries, not forgetting during interviews with the presidential candidates.

Liberia has an established law, it is called the National Reconciliation Act, and like any other law, it must be enforced. That law dictates that the recommendations listed in the final report of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission are binding, as such, they should be implemented. The Sirleaf-Boakai regime and its supporting cohorts have stifled every effort for the implementation of the TRC report. Liberia Human Rights Campaign, or LHRC, a premier US-based Liberia human rights organization, along with its partners, nationally and internationally, will be unveiling a plan this fall to make implementation of all the recommendations of the TRC report, a front and center of this ensuring Liberian national election campaign. LHRC, avers that the crowd of Liberians that will gather after the new government comes power demanding the implementation of the TRC report will make the crowds of the current political campaign rallies look like dwarfs.

Signed P Nimely-Sie Tuon
General Coordinator
Liberia Human Rights Campaign